Membership Benefits

The WCAHA provides a unified voice for our business concerns on the local and state government levels.  By coming together we are able to create a central organization to communicate our questions and concerns. There are many benefits to a WCAHA memerbship:

  • Providing a unified voice for our business concerns on local & state government levels.
  • Local: We make sure that our members are aware of up-coming borough meetings by posting them on our website (calendar) and in our newsletters. We alert members through emails and faxes of any issues of importance that may arise. (i.e.: The Trash Removal Issue: WCAHA alerted members of a Public Works meeting addressing this issue. As a result, several members attended to voice their opinions on the matter and a committee was then formed to address this important issue.)
    On a State level, we are members of PROA, Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association, which lobbies in Harrisburg on issues of our concern. ie: wage attachments, blight bills, eviction proceedings, etc. Call Peggy, our Administrative Assistant for a member password to access benefits on their website This includes their newsletter, criminal checks and rental advertising.
  • We offer discount programs through some of our sponsors. Contact Peggy for a discount card for Sherwin Williams paints and supplies and Staples for your office supplies. When you use our sponsors please let them know that you are a member of WCAHA!
  • You'll be invited to our Annual Members' Meeting in April and our Fall Social in October. Both meetings are held in the beautiful West Chester Golf & Country Club. Meet with fellow members and WCAHA sponsors; listen to important guest speakers and enjoy some light refreshments. These events are free and included with your membership.
  • Need to get away? How about getting an education while on vacation? PROA offers an annual cruise with speakers on topics aimed at real estate education. So put on your Bermuda shorts and sun tan lotion and get ready to get educated as you sail around the Caribbean! See your newsletter or website to find out more. (When cruise become available.)
  • Newsletters! It is filled with important information, helpful hints, upcoming events, issue alerts, sponsor advertisements, and much more! Don't remember the eviction schedule? Having mold problems in the bathroom? Concerned about the trash removal issue? Need to find a mason? Check out our Newsletter!
  • Our newest and most popular benefit is our Round Table meetings. Perfect for everyone from the seasoned investor to someone who is just getting started. The Round Table meetings are held at 6:45 PM at Barnabys Restaurant, Hight Street, West Chester.) Every other month a new topic is discussed. Guest speakers help to educate our members on matters such as 1031 exchanges, application processes, building codes and more! This is the easiest way to improve your business! Get educated by attending the Round Table meetings. Share ideas, concerns and questions with fellow members every month. Light refreshments are served. A $5 donation per person is appreciated. You must attend our Round Table meetings.
  • Membership with our state organization, The Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association, which lobbies in Harrisburg on issues of our concern.
  • Discount programs on property and office supplies
  • Plain language lease and rental information packages
  • Access to previous newsletters, the WCAHA lease, helpful links, blog, and much, much more through
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