About the WCAHA

We are a non-profit corporation that represents residential rental property owners in the Borough of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Founded August 19th, 1998 by Grant E. Nelson III, our membership consists of owners of residential real estate within the Borough.

Our Goal...

...is to maximize the satisfaction of all people associated with the renting of residential property. By bringing together responsible investors and landlords in an organization, we envision that we can best address common concerns of the community.

Since 1998,...

... WCAHA and its state organization, PROA, have been working hard on behalf of its members. Following are examples of the issues we have tackled over the years. Through the influence of our membership, we have been able to play a major role in these legislative items benefiting all residential property owners. It is important that, as business owners, we keep abreast of all government issues that may affect us locally and state-wide. We alert our members to these issues through emails and newsletters.

  • SHO (Student Housing Ordinance)
  • Wage Attachments for property damage
  • West Chester Borough's Fair Rental Ordinance
  • Eviction Process
  • Landlord-Tenant Form
  • New Trash Regulations
  • Borough Inspection Fees
  • Height Issues
  • Recycle Education
  • Boro Information Form for Students
  • Sprinklers and Fire Extinguishers

Current Issues:

  • Lease Tax
  • Abandoned Property
  • Bed Bug Legislation
  • West Chester Borough Budget (to control and reduce expenses per ad hoc committee recommendations)
  • Town Center elimination of student housing
  • Finances in relation to the law suit filed by Pfiser and its impact to tax payers via sewer rates. (We foresee sewer rates to escalate by 25%! Currently sewer rates are scheduled to be raised by 9% in October, 2012 and likely another 9% by the New Year.)
  • The Borough's "point system" where landlords are being held responsible for tenants' behavior

Both locally and state-wide (via PROA) we keep a keen eye on any legislation that affects our property owners' business.